Some things I liked this week (Nov.13th.2020)

meteors, a site i like, haunted radios, an IC story, draculas, creepy photos, knight rider, and crabs

  1. The Leonid Meteor Storm as seen over North America on the night of November 12-13, 1833.

  2. Hack Care is a well designed website that provides tips and tricks for creating a dementia-friendly home.

  3. Haunted radio digs into the myth about a lone nuclear submarine that listens to BBC radio and if it doesn’t hear “…the morning news programme for three days in a row, the submarine captain assumes that London has been destroyed, and therefore launches all its missiles at Moscow.“

  4. Abby “the IA” Covert on why she left Etsy in I Choose Me. The ultimate senior individual contributor story.

  5. The latest episode of Judge John Hodgman contains some good laughs about Draculas, leaf thieves, and pandemic styles.

  6. Creepy photos of Bellever Forest and the Swamps of Louisiana.

  7. Deerhoof’s cover of the Knight Rider theme song.

  8. “When you are a crab scuttling along the seabed, the ocean is your sky and the whales are your clouds. It’s majestic, but you tell no one because you’re a little shellfish.” - The CryptoNaturalist