Somethings I like this week (Nov.20th.2020)

space, vikings, quiet internet, tactical IA, vaccine fiction, optimism, —, and more

  1. A confession, I’ve never played No Man’s Sky, but I really dig the art of the game.

  2. The Curse of the Buried Treasure includes buried Viking treasure hoards, amateur treasure hunters wielding metal detectors, and the antiquity black market. Also, the bit about why the Vikings buried and didn’t recover their treasure was interesting (was it offerings to Odin? flawed wayfinding?).

  3. “My internet is substantially quieter than yours.” This quote by Bruce Sterling (by way of Eli) has been in my head for the last couple weeks. It’s one of the reasons I subscribed to Feedbin. Self described as “A nice place to read on the web. Follow your passions with RSS, Twitter, and email newsletters.”

  4. “Simplify complexity. Support scalability. Create consistency.” Is a great mantra for any problem solver. More about tactical information architecture.

  5. Daily diary for April 24, 2021, some speculative vaccine fiction.

  6. Is the Great Stagnation over?, points for optimism include mainstream crypto, computer chips, and genetically modified eggplant crops.

  7. Need an em dash? has you covered.

  8. Other items of interest: chonky plots, utility co. topiary, somewhere in L.A., misty morning tractor, and Beastie Boys posters.