Somethings I liked this week (Dec.4th.2020)

ghost kitchens, mystery seeds, reading highlights, memorable passwords, hockey on a mountain, and more

  1. Today’s header is Northern Lights by Gareth Davies.

  2. Endless Thread re-ran an episode about buffets, with an update at the end of the episode that covers how restaurants are adjusting to the pandemic with things like ghost kitchens and restaurants.  

  3. Closing the Loop on China’s Mystery Seeds, an episode of Underunderstood. 

  4. Readwise stores and reintroduces your highlights (from books, articles, etc.). I really dig the app that presents you with 5 of your highlights each day. It helps me remember the things I highlighted (especially from the UX/IA/Design books I’ve read). 

  5. Kinopio is the visual thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems.” It’s also an odd & fun little tool. 

  6. Parsnip is a tool to generate memorable passwords, like “bite-forth-route-wind.”

  7. The Make Time app, helps you complete your most important task of the day. 

  8. More Dragging, Less Drawing, the future of design tools. 

  9. A photo essay about a group of NHL players who helicoptered to the top of a mountain to play some hockey.

  10. A tiny creepy story for you: “I still think that my favorite urban legend/folklore fact is that there are certain areas in New Orleans where you cannot get a taxi late at night not because it isn’t safe, but because taxi companies have had recurring problems of picking up ghosts in those areas who are not aware that they are dead and disappearing from the cab before reaching the destination and therefore stiffing the driver on the fare causing a loss for the company.” /via laura olin

  11. Some other things: a roundabout under the Atlantic, a foot bridge in Germany, the adventures of Suck Norris, a robot vacuum cleaner.