Somethings I liked this week (Nov.25th.2020)

Since it's Friday in the US ...

  1. Cruise ships of the ‘90s will transport 3500 guests in futuristic splendor.

  2. We are currently in the ‘little snow’ season according to small seasons.

  3. The word of the day is brumous. Meaning foggy and wintry.

  4. In one of the work meetings I attended someone was smoking a cigarette on the call. Is… that… OK? You’re in your own home so it’s not a problem for others. And yet they were clearly trying to hide it… and it did feel to me very much like the actions of someone who had zero shits left to give. Basically - the question for Ask A Manager is “Now we’re all working from home, is it unprofessional to smoke during meetings” - from Alice Bartlett. The answer is ... no, maybe, I don’t know

  5., lets you create a “mindful professional profile.”

  6. What’s the difference between the product, UX, UI, and visual designer roles? The IA of our industry is pretty terrible at times. 

  7. UI that boops. Ignore the code snippets if that isn’t your thing and just boop stuff. 

  8. Design Beyond Devices, adding to my ‘to-read’ list.

  9. Somethings from above: ice, soccer, and Minami-Sanriku