Things I liked this week (1/22/21)

synthetic paper, odd news, focus beats, walking, and more

  1. ↑ An underground home by Owen Pomery (

  2. Swipies are “reusable, durable, synthetic paper made to be used with wet-erase pens, allowing your work to stay put — smudge-free — until rinsed with water.” I got some of these for my birthday and I can recommend. (

  3. The One Strange Thing podcast “ .. digs deep into local newspapers to uncover regional stories that blur the line between realism and surrealism.” (

  4. A very sketchy geocache: “covered in excrement and quite near a place being used for illegal dog fights! this cache is not for the faint hearted!!! Left my flick knife in the cache in case anybody needs it.” (

  5. Walking, an channel containing quotes and links about walking. (

  6. An MF DOOM Focus Beats special “Two uninterrupted hours of instrumentals made by or related to the legendary producer/MC” (

  7. Prehistoric forest is an abandoned dinosaur theme park (