Things I liked this week (1/29/21)

Paper dungeons, ghost homes, life tests, and more

  1. Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen (and 60 volunteers in snow shoes) 

  2. Tiny Paper Dungeon is “…a procedurally-generated pencil and paper dungeon that you can easily carry in the back pocket of your jeans.” Backed!

  3. Speaking of paper, the Global Art Hand Book Quattro Journal is a really great pocket notebook if you’re in the market for one. 

  4. The word of the day is akiya. Meaning ghost home in Japanese, cribbed from this article about global population decline: “The experience of Japan, a country that has been showing this trend for more than a decade, might offer some insight. Already there are too few people to fill all its houses – one in every eight homes now lies empty. In Japan, they call such vacant buildings akiya – ghost homes.”

  5. A little test to see if you should keep someone in your life. Ask yourself: “Would you have two beers with this person?” and “Would I allow this person to look after my puppy over the weekend?” The Yes, Yes and No, No variants are obvious. But the other combos are interesting as well.

Also: Umberto Eco’s library, Love & Monsters was a fun movie, playgrounds at night, toy hoax Bigfoot feet, and some instrumental bluegrass/classical music for working.