Things I liked this week (dec.11.2020)

stories, TIL, known dude, winter books, monkey men, and more

  1. Story Making Machine 

  2. 52 things I learned in 2020 by Tom Whitwell. These are always interesting. My favorite bit: “#43. NYC redesigned their summons system for low-level criminal offences, adding text reminders. The new system prevented 30,000 arrest warrants over 3 years.”

  3. Paul Jarvis says bye to the internet: “I don’t want to be a personal brand or a known dude on the internet. I just want to exist and do my work privately.”

  4. Robin Rendle asks for winter book suggestions. My suggestions are The Terror by Dan Simmons ... people stuck in the ice, being hunted by a monster or Whiskey When We're Dry By John Larison ... a journey across the old west from the eyes of a teenage girl posing as a man. Both good at taking you somewhere else. 

  5. Matt Webb on the why behind Modern consensus ghosts such as the Monkey Man and the Gatwick Drone: “Another theory was that residents were so frustrated with the frequent night-time power outages that they were phoning in fake Monkey Man reports, knowing the authorities would turn the electricity back on before setting out to hunt the beast.”

  6. Some small things: the Japanese culture of walking (related, Craig Mod’s Ultra-walking, Ultra-working), another color picker, an animated map of UFO sightings, and

Programming Note: this is the last “episode” of this newsletter for the year. I hope you all have a safe and relaxing holiday season.