Things I liked this week (Feb.11th.2021)

office simulation, sundays, audioblogs, and more

  1. Foothills by Laura Bifano

  2. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the office. To get the full effect I suggest leaving this open in a tab while you work so you can  "enjoy" the random sounds of your faux coworkers (e.g. humming, a printer going off, crunching chips).

  3. "Work has changed, and so have Sundays themselves. One analysis of Canadian time-use data from 1981 to 2005 that tracked paid work, chores, shopping, and child care found that “Sundays became busier and behaviorally closer to weekdays …” from Why People Get the ‘Sunday Scaries’. My friend and I have a running joke that the Sunday Night Football theme is the saddest song in the world since it signifies that your weekend is truly over.

  4. A video of a snowball fight from 1897, colorized and upscaled. The dude on the bicycle gets pummeled.  

  5. Audioblogs is a way to send articles to your podcast app of choice. The robot voice seems to be slightly better than Pocket’s. YMMV. 

  6. Also: NPR’s Book Concierge, the new reading stack, just a giant iceberg floating by, somewhere in Maryland, a creepy abandoned mansion, The Captain’s Log, and default to kindness.