Things I liked this week (Feb.19th.2021)

awesome people and little links

  1. A scene from the Dolomites by Adam Firman

  2. I’m terrible at giving credit to the sources that drive this newsletter. So I wanted to dedicate this issue to some of my favorites. Most likely a link you clicked on in this newsletter came from one of these fantastic people: 

  3. Chris Glass shares an almost daily bevy of wonderful things from around the internets. 

  4. Dense Discovery is a weekly newsletter by Kai Brach, that delivers “...fresh discoveries at the intersection of technology, design and culture.”

  5. Tecznts is Michal Migurski’s Tumblr of art and photography. 

  6. The venerable Things Magazine is the granddaddy of link blarghs, still going after all this time. 

  7. Laura Olin’s newsletter sends “… a list of lovely and/or meaningful things in your inbox every Thursday.” It’s always fun to click on Laura’s Hi and Bye links each week; the inspiration for my “Also” section. 

  8. Also: somewhere in Vermont, a giant pink monster, somewhere in my town, this is terrifying, birds named by people who clearly hate birds, and Captain Trash Wheel.