Things I liked this week (Feb.5th.2021)

visitor centers, typical days, author notes, candid camera, and more

  1. The Trollstigen Visitor Centre in Norway looks beautiful. Not a Sbarro in site. 

  2. A list of people’s typical days. I don’t know why I like this stuff, but I even bought Daily Rituals by Mason Currey to poke around in.  

  3. Tabbs is a Chrome extension that lets you navigate, pin, suspend tabs, and more. Maybe a replacement for the great suspender

  4. You can read Jeff VanderMeer’s Kindle notes on his book, Annihilation. Love this idea. It’s like DVD commentary from the director, but for books. Question, what is the new term for DVD commentary now that we don’t use DVDs? Post release commentary?

  5. I really enjoyed Radiolab’s episode on Candid Camera and it’s creator Allen Funt. Plus, the repeat of the coincidence episode for This American Life is really great if you haven’t heard it before. 

  6. Also: everything you ever wanted to know about PDFs, somewhere in Utah, somewhere in Baltimore, squeezing an orange peel, and how to draw trees (an channel).