Things I liked this week (jan.15.2021)

evergreen notes, menacing Rube Goldberg devices, room tone, and more

  1. Japan by Car from James Gilleard

  2. Evergreen notes “are written and organized to evolve, contribute, and accumulate over time, across projects”. This means you can refer to them again and again. Evergreen notes are evergreen because they remember what you learn.” I use WorkFlowy for my notes, it’s dead simple with just enough features.  

  3. “The knowledge sector’s insistence that productivity is a personal issue seems to have created a so-called “tragedy of the commons” scenario, in which individuals making reasonable decisions for themselves insure a negative group outcome. An office worker’s life is dramatically easier, in the moment, if she can send messages that demand immediate responses from her colleagues, or disseminate requests and tasks to others in an ad-hoc manner. But the cumulative effect of such constant, unstructured communication is cognitively harmful: on the receiving end, the deluge of information and demands makes work unmanageable.” Also an interesting bit from the article was Merlin Mann describing his productivity system as a menacing Rube Goldberg device

  4. “The Kindle has made me more daring that way. The books are slightly less expensive, but more importantly, if I don’t like a book, I don’t have to deal with it physically — I simply move on to the next one I’ve downloaded.” Same. 

  5. “For those who aren’t familiar with film and video production, “room tone” is the ambient sound of a space typically captured at the end of a shoot. Editors think of it almost like the mortar between bricks: if I’m cutting together different takes, creating an artificial pause, or eliminating a speaker’s “ums” and “ahs,” I need to layer in that sound to make sure the final result is seamless. Room tone is something that can’t really be faked, because each space has its own ambience, and it’s very hard to re-create once you’ve left.” Filed under things I learned. 

  6. Also: Five Years Today, a house in the woods, and by islands I mean paragraphs, and a scarf that recorded every day of 2020’s weather.

  7. I’m looking for new podcasts to listen to. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!